About me

Szilvia Banki is a contemporary Hungarian painter who works mainly in oil and acrylic on canvas.

In addition to traditional painting, she also paints abstract landscapes and non-figurative paintings.

In the case of abstract landscapes, she analyzes what a given landscape means, how to schematize a landscape or how to change it so that it retains its scenic character. She is interested in the harmony of colors and themes.

She paints the landscapes with large, expressive brushstrokes using oil paints. With the painter’s knife she achieves plasticity on the canvas.

Recently she has been engaged in non-figurative painting. She builds abstract paintings mainly on textures and colors. It is extremely important to her what impression the colors can make on the viewer.

She has participated in many exhibitions. Her artworks are in private collections in Europe, Japan and the United States.


Group exhibitions:
2022 Vienna Art Market – Vienna, Austria
2021 KreativRaum Galerie – Vienna, Austria
2020 Vienna Art Market – Vienna, Austria
2018 Ibiza Art Fair – Ibiza, Spain
2018 Art Fair Art Shopping in Louvre – Paris, France
2018 Antibes Art Fair – Antibes, France
2017 Ibiza Art Fair – Ibiza, Spain
2017 Gallery Lichtraum Eins – Vienna, Austria
2017 World Art Dubai – Dubai
2015 Secret Gallery – Budapest, Hungary
2004 MűvészetMalom – „Happy” – Szentendre, Hungary
2003 Meander Gallery – Budapest, Hungary
2003 Angelika Café – Budapest, Hungary
2003 Budapest Gallery („Steam”) – Budapest, Hungary
2002 Elvis Café – Budapest, Hungary
2000 Víztorony Gallery – Budapest, Hungary
1999 Magyarok Háza – Budapest, Hungary

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